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Circular Saws are incredibly effective and efficient at what they do, they are used by tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts to save time whilst making accurate cuts easier. As important as it is to have the correct circular saw. It is just as important to choose the correct saw blade for the job you are under taking.

Choosing the correct saw blade.

Choosing the correct saw blade will give you the result and finish you are looking for, saving you time, material and money and the blade will last longer being used in the correctly.

There are a lot of variables to consider when buying a saw blade. This is where the Blades in the Walker 1923 Range come in to there own. They have produces saw blades for over 70 years, for all types of machines from hand held to bench saws, sizes that range from 110mm dia to 400mm dia (and bigger if needed)

Flow chart

Unfortunately it just isn’t as simple as one blade to suit all job, the flow chart below shows number of things you should consider, when buying the type of blade that you need.

When you look at a circular saw blade it may seem quite simple. Essentially they are just pieces of steel which spin round at fast speeds to cut through a number of different types of material. But when you look a bit closer they are complex tools. A blade is made up of three main parts The saw body, the TCT saw tips (and now the new PCD teeth) and the bore. We then go on to the more detailed parts of the saw blade, including braze alloy, gullet size and shape, shoulder size and shape, expansion slots and the grind of the tooth.

Questions to ask when buying a blade.

Generally the blade you need changes depending on the answers to three questions:

  1. What material are you cutting?
  2. What machine you are using?
  3. What finish are you trying to achieve?

If you know the answer to these three questions you’re well on your way to selecting the correct saw blade and getting the best results. If you’re unsure on the answers to any or all of these questions then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help at.

The Walker 1923 Range offer one of the UK’s largest range of TCT Circular Saw Blades from stock. Blades of all sizes and specifications to suit every machine and application so we will definitely have the right blade for you. All of our blades are clearly marked as to what machine they’re for. What material they will cut and what type of cut they will give, making it simple for you to make an informed decision.