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Insulated Spanner & Socket Set

With the drive to ‘go green,’ hybrid and electric vehicles have increased on our roads year on year. Driven by government policies on emissions and incentives, this has led to more and more manufacturers featuring ‘greener’ vehicles within their ranges.

With several types of ‘green’ vehicle now being mass-produced, garages are more likely to encounter some form of an electric or hybrid vehicle. Servicing electric vehicles requires tools that are right for the job, here at Have It Direct we have a range of tools and equipment suitable for performing operations on all the various electric car types.

Finally, the tools used whilst working on high voltage electric vehicles should be insulated, tested, and certified. We provide a wide range of VDE tools and testers (available with calibration certificates).

Even when not working on live circuits, you should use VDE tools. This is because there could be a problem with the vehicle itself, or a simple mistake such as dropping a standard tool onto a live circuit can result in an arc flash.

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