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Pipe Emergency Repair

Pow-R Wrap Bandage Repair is an industrial strength, permanent and economical repair kit. Effective on virtually every kind of pipe (inc. fluid bearing pipes). Works on wet, dry, clean, dirty or corroded pipes – even under water! Can be used on pipes conveying gas but NOT with natural gas or LPG – Cures in 30 Mins. Bandage size – 2″ x 60″ (for pipes 1-2″)

Nerrad Tools, was designed for the professional familiar with the challenges that the heating and plumbing industry face on a daily basis, make tools and products that suited their professional needs better, making the work place to work in. With room for further improvement and innovation Nerrad came to the market with a new outlook, in areas that could be re-developed. One example is the goal of building in ergonomic, ‘easier to use’ functionality, requiring much less human force to operate, resulting in reduced wear and tear for the product and the plumber alike.