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sealey Power Packs

Sealey ElectroStart Power Packs

If you’re looking for the help of innovative technology, Sealey is your resource for trustworthy performance. We’ve all found ourselves stuck and needing a vehicle jump start from time to time.  Thanks to Sealey’s battery chargers starters, jumping your vehicle is easier than ever.

Different from the traditional supercharger, you now get greater and extended performance. That’s because it does not require an internal battery as the main power source. Instead, it uses a lithium battery pack to supply power to the capacitor whenever your vehicle battery is insufficient.

It only needs to be connected to the vehicle’s battery, and even if it is discharged, the device will draw enough power to power itself within a few minutes. The power supply can then be safely pushed back through the starting system to quickly start the vehicle.

This is incredibly handy when you need to get your vehicle jumped and going as quickly as possible. No longer do you have to wait around for your battery charge up. You now get times longer with high energy density levels giving more battery power per gram.

Fast Chargers

That means fast charging when you need it the most. Sealey produces a wide variety of battery charger power packs. From compact lightweight designs to heavy-duty, Sealey has the pack you need for optimal performance.

The 12V jump starter pack is so efficient and effective that you can look forward to a charged battery that’s ready to go in just two minutes! That’s right; your battery will be fully energised quickly and effectively to ensure that you can get moving again with as little downtime as possible.

But what if your vehicle battery fails or maintains a voltage lower than 5 volts? That’s a job for Sealey’s ElectroStart 800. Thanks to this unit, you can be pre-charged with the following methods:

  • Internal lithium battery pack
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Another vehicle’s battery
  • 12V accessory cable

With so many options to choose from, you can be sure to have a charging recourse when you need it. Don’t have another vehicle to jump from? No problem for Sealey. If you have a Micro USB charging cable or Sealey’s 12V cable, you’re good to go.

You can also use Sealey’s internal pack to give your vehicle the boost it needs to get moving. Sealey’s new ion batteries have numerous advantages over lead acid, including a flat discharge curve in certain models.

Innovative Technology

And if you prefer to have a digital display, Sealey’s makes it easy to see your battery’s voltage, capacitor charging, and even if any malfunctions are present.

The built-in battery can maintain the power when not in use, and the device can be charged without a battery, and it can be used in just a few minutes. Small and light, easy to handle and store, but still provide the same results as the bulky lead-acid battery equivalent. Ideal for professional mechanics and DIY users.

You now get innovative patented technology, so there’s no longer any need to wait for the device to charge for several hours before use. It is straightforward and easy to use, and you can look forward to no long-term problems with battery storage.

The supercapacitor can be fully energized within a few minutes. And if your vehicle’s battery fails or maintains a voltage below 5 volts, the ElectroStart can be easily pre-charged by using another vehicle’s 12V battery.

Small and light, easy to carry and store, but still provide the same results as those bulky and heavy lead-acid batteries. Very suitable for professional mechanics and DIYers alike.

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