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Sealey Hot Glue Paintless Dent Repair Kit 230V

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• High quality kit for the removal of small dents without the need for respraying/refinishing the painted surface.

• Pulling tool for use on flat surface includes large rubber feet to avoid damage to the paintwork and rotates 360° to allow use in more restricted areas.

• Slide hammer is included for use on bigger dents and dents on corners or curves.

• 12 Plastic tabs of varying sizes and shapes are included to cover a wide range of dents.

• Kit includes plastic scraper and glue removal spray to avoid damage to surface.


Contents: 360° Puller Tool, 60W/230V Glue Gun, Slide Hammer, Glue Removal Spray, Plastic Scraper, Dent Repair Glue Sticks (x8), Plastic Tabs (x12)

£155.96 inc VAT