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CK Pruners

Secateurs are an indispensable garden tool essential for tidying around the garden. While tools like hedge trimmers and other cordless garden tools are ideal for taking on heavy duty tasks, secateurs are a simple, hand-held tool used for keeping on top of pruning, dead-heading, cutting back perennials and harvesting fruit, veg and flowers.

Bypass Secateurs: This type of secateurs has two blades which cut like a pair of scissors with a sharpened blade crossing over a thicker metal platform. They are pointed to help them get in amongst stems and branches and they are ideal for cutting stems between 10 and 15mm thick. They are suitable for greener growth and should cut cleanly so it’s important to keep them sharp. Read our guide on how to sharpen secateurs.

Anvil Secateurs: Anvil secateurs have one blade that cuts like a knife with the blade pushing through a stem or branch on to a ‘cutting board’ or block, in a similar manner to a knife on a chopping board. They are useful for cutting through thicker, woodier stems and dead wood.

Ratchet Secateurs: These can have either anvil or bypass blades and feature “ratchet” springs and mechanisms to ease effort and cut through a stem in a series of stages. This type of the tool is able to make tougher cuts gradually, as you repeatedly squeeze and release the handles to get through the growth and they are particularly useful for gardeners who lack strength.