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Soldering Irons & Solder

Soldering irons are an electrical tool which applies heat, melting solder allowing you to join metals together, pefect for plumbing joints. A solder iron has a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heat is generated by passing an electric current through a resistive heating element. A soldering iron would normally be used for installations, repairs and some types of electronics assemblys. These can also be used in pyrography for burning creative designs into wood but less commonly used in plastic welding. You can use a variety of tips or bits which come in various sizes and shapes to achieve different results.


Solder are used to join two pieces of metal together, generally copper, safely and effectively, to form a water tight barrier to prevent possible water leaks. The range is offered from a selection of top trade brands, featuring highly effective products, designed to produce perfect joints, quickly and cleanly.