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Torches & Site Lights

Torches, or flashlights, are small lamps that are most commonly powered by batteries or battery packs. They provide lighting for a range of applications such as small areas where the light beam reaches into smaller darker space and are ideal for maintenance as well as for outdoor activities, emergency services and general-purpose illumination in case of power failure.

There are many different types of torches available, each of them useful and beneficial depending on the application they are required for:

Handheld torches – the most common type of torch because it is versatile enough to be used across most applications. They can range from being used as a general-purpose household torch or a rugged torch for use in harsh environments.

Penlights or pen torches – easily carried around in the user’s pocket and often feature a pocket clip. Sometimes limited in their brightness but they are ideal for when only a small area needs illumination for closer inspection.

Compact torches – a compact torch, often under 100mm in length, is a torch suitable for everyday use. Suitable to be carried by the user in a bag or pocket but still boasting a powerful light output for the user.